Sunday, April 17, 2011

Version 1.1 along the way...

Hi Trial Fans!

Today we released a major update for Trial World Challenge. We listened to all the requests and comments, and managed to improve the accelerometer controls and for a better handling, we also introduced the EASY mode gameplay (the old, CLASSIC mode is still available via the Settings menu). Hopefully in a matter of days, the new features will be available on the App Store.

Here’s a brief list of the new features of version 1.1:
● Major control improvement
● EASY and CLASSIC physics configuration for better handling (see Settings)
● Better perspective for both iPad and iPhone resoultions
● Graphic updates
● New Achievement (Trial Perfection)
● New Leaderboard (Stages Completed)
● Existing Leaderboard fix (Long Way Round)
● News Box (Main Menu)

Stay tuned, and check your updates!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feedback, Impressions & Thanks!

Hi Everybody! Thanks for the thousands of downloads and huge thanks for all of you who bought at least one city, because you guys are the ones who keep the thing going on. We'll soon provide you with an update - at the moment we've just finalized the feature list for the next version, and we are ready to implement them -, so be prepared for some novelties and some small fixes.

We've also got plenty of comments and reviews on the App Store. We've got lot's of good reviews and some bad ones too, criticizing the game as being too difficult and hard to handle. Trial is a difficult sport, and as such, it implies a bit more difficult game-play than a plain motor-racing game (that's basically nothing more than handling the acceleration). Trial World Challenge is first of all a technical(!) game, and not a racing game. The point is not the race itself, it's more the way you do the levels, the way you handle the guy on the motorbike.

We've spent many hours thinking and re-thinking the way to handle a Trial game on touch-based mobile devices, and the current configuration was the best thing we could come up with. We didn't want to use buttons for acceleration and brake, because the nature of the game demands a certain way to handle acceleration bursts and brakes. The key is to slide your right thumb upwards, and gently play with the power level and the brake. We know, it's not easy to get in the swing of this handling, it has a learning curve you all need to go through, but once it's mastered, the game is very rewarding and fun to play.

If you happen to have any good ideas or feature requests you'd like to see in the game, don’t hesitate to contact us at: antitalentgames (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for your continuous support!