Sunday, April 17, 2011

Version 1.1 along the way...

Hi Trial Fans!

Today we released a major update for Trial World Challenge. We listened to all the requests and comments, and managed to improve the accelerometer controls and for a better handling, we also introduced the EASY mode gameplay (the old, CLASSIC mode is still available via the Settings menu). Hopefully in a matter of days, the new features will be available on the App Store.

Here’s a brief list of the new features of version 1.1:
● Major control improvement
● EASY and CLASSIC physics configuration for better handling (see Settings)
● Better perspective for both iPad and iPhone resoultions
● Graphic updates
● New Achievement (Trial Perfection)
● New Leaderboard (Stages Completed)
● Existing Leaderboard fix (Long Way Round)
● News Box (Main Menu)

Stay tuned, and check your updates!

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